Hey, There I’m Joe!

I help people break free from the sluggish 9-5 lifestyle so that they can create their very own profitable online business. Let me show you how to absolutely dominate your niche so that you can spend more time with your friends and family and live life on your own terms.

Who Is Joe Elliott?

I’m just a dude in my early thirties that wanted more from my life. I wanted more time with my friends, family and I wanted to get out there and explore this awesome world we live in. I was fed up of been stuck to this thing called a job.

Back In 2013 Joe Elliott

I literally went from high to the world of work and started flipping burgers at McDonald’s. Total high flyer, right?

I quickly realized this wasn’t what I wanted to do. I wanted to help people. I knew school teaching was out of the question because I didn’t have the grades. How else could I help someone?

I got a job as a Healthcare Support Worker.

I worked in the local hospital caring for people during their time of need. The pay was ok but to earn a decent paycheck I found me working every hour that I could. I was working to live.

Then the tables turned and I found myself on the receiving side. I took a terrible infection in my gut and surgery was my best option. With the back and fourth of public healthcare, little to no income my sanity became threatened.

I started experiencing hallucinations, delusional beliefs and never felt tired!

I was diagnosed with a psychotic illness. My life had to change, I couldn’t work these hours for pennies.

Joe Elliott About Balmaha Scotland

Getting Started Online

I decided to do what seemed the most normal thing to do. I turned to Google and searched for how to make money online. I was bombarded with article after article. Not to mention, I was bombarded by every shady marketer out there.

But I did come across something that I would fall in love with… Affiliate Marketing!

To say my first attempts were a failure was an understatement. I followed each tutorial, guru, and course to the letter. Why do I keep failing?

It was around 2013 I came across this thing called launch jacking. It basically involves setting up a site around a product that is launching. You then rank for the product name and hope on launch day there will be enough buzz to make your rich.

I got lucky!

This wasn’t a long-term business, it was known as a churn and burn website. Google hates these websites. So I decided to build an authority site around a niche instead of around a product.

I got better at search engine optimization and started to make around $300-500 per month.

Nice a consistent income.

I was bitten by the bug and loved it.

Joe-Elliott.com Was Born

At this stage, I knew what was possible I was living proof. I was able to get out there and travel. Not to mention I get to spend awesome days with my friends and family and my two moggies Bella & Rosie.

Since then I have sold a few niche sites but I really wanted to share what I have learned along the way. I am not at the top of my game but I feel like documenting it could really help a few people out.

I decided to jump into the personal branding thing.

If you don’t know what a personal brand is, it basically is promoting what you stand for. It is your brand because it is your combination of skill and experiences and nobody has lived your life.

On this blog, I will not share anything I have not tried and most certainly won’t throw garbage at you. I want you to come with me on this amazing journey.

Are Your Ready To Join Me

Have you been wondering about starting your very own online business? Maybe you haven’t thought about it as a business, I’ll re-phrase, would you like to gain more freedom in your life?

It is never too late, take no notice of marketers saying affiliate marketing, SEO or social media is dead. That’s just a tactic to make you take notice. Right here I will outline the process of building a business that can do just that… get you more freedom.

This is not rehashed garbage, it is true value. It’s not a get rich quick scheme and I certainly don’t think I am a shady guy. Guys, I am still on my journey and I hope you will join me… until the next blog post speak soon!